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Options include Stenophraph, ProCAT, & Stenovations Light Speed Classic.
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Cat Eyes, Stranger Things, Flames of Fire, Beach Scene

KLOR Configuration Yogas are here!! Another keypad option for your fancy fingers.

Everyone has a different key configuration on their steno machine and in order to put a picture onto your keyboard, a key configuration is needed.

Configurations include:
No wide keys

No Wide Keys, Wide TS
Wide *, Wide DZ
Wide *, Wide TS
Wide *, No wide keys
Double Wide *, Wide DZ
Double Wide *, Wide TS
LightSpeed Classic

If you don’t see your key configuration and want these keypads, feel free to message me and I’ll get it all set up for you.

These are made of soft rubber. They are perfect if you want a very quiet touch. They are very soft and cushy and super comfy!

Each steno keypad set is handmade. They are made of rubber with a very nice and soft feel.

These keypads come in certain configurations only.

Configuration Black – Wide asterisk and Wide DZ

Configuration Pink – Double wide asterisk and Wide DZ

Configuration Blue – No wide keys

Sunset Beach does have a matching skin in this shop!

These sets are made with an easy-peel adhesive. You can remove these keypads and change them out with another color of your choice at any time.

The adhesive is rated at 125º F. If your machine is stored at temperatures higher than 125º F, it is recommended that you simply remove keypads from your keys and store them on the provided easy-release sheet that comes with every set.

To care for your keypads, it is recommended that you spot treat with a face wipe -Neutrogena wipes, Tide Stick, or a gentle baby wipe.


Cat Eyes, Stranger Things, Flames of Fire, Beach Scene

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